Prices / determining the fee

In principle, the fee is determined based on the quantity and quality of the work required by each case. Our fee includes general office expenses, but not direct costs resulting from the issue, such as court payments or travel expenses. The minimum fee is for 0.25 hours (15 mins).

The first contact free of charge

We do not charge for the first contact regarding a legal matter, but the case is always confirmed separately. We will determine the customer’s chances of having their court costs either completely or partially compensated through legal expenses insurance or general legal aid.

Our firm charges EUR 136.40 – 272.80 / hour, incl. value added tax 24 %.

The fee may increase if:

  • the attorney has significantly greater responsibilities than normally
  • the case must be conducted outside regular working hours, in a foreign language or abroad, or under particularly difficult circumstances, or
  • the case is in a particular rush due to a reason unrelated to the attorney

Agreeing on fixed invoicing may also be possible on a case-by-case basis.

In our pricing, we abide with the Code of Conduct for Lawyers and the Finnish Bar Association’s guidelines on determining attorney’s fees .

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